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Commercial Tumble Dryers

Galaxy Controls For Huebsch® Washer Extractors

Huebsch Galaxy, vended laundry’s most innovative control system, brilliantly combines advanced features and intuitive operation to deliver laundromat revenue unlike anything else in the industry.

  • Multi-Level Vend Pricing allows you to charge extra for warm or hot water, resulting in improved profitability.
  • Cycle Modifiers offer customers additional options and flexibility for their wash needs while bringing laundromat owners another powerful, revenue-enhancing feature.
  • Time-of-Day Pricing enables price variations throughout the day, helping you manage peak laundromat customer usage and compete for new customers.
  • 24 Customizable Cycle Selections provide customers with options to optimize vended laundry machine wash results for various loads while creating added revenue opportunities for laundromat owners.

Galaxy Controls For Huebsch® Huebsch Tumble Dryers


Increased Revenue

  • Time-of-Day Pricing
  • Remaining Time Countdown

Unmatched Service, Diagnostics and Monitoring

  • Service-Related Audit Data
  • Periodic Rotation of the Tumble Dryer Cylinder
  • Service Diagnostic Troubleshooting

Convenience and Flexibility

  • Four Optimized Drying Cycles
  • Infrared Communication
  • Programmable Cool Down
  • Payment System Open Architecture

Computer Connectivity

Galaxy controls allow you to program and monitor your commercial laundry equipment from your PC or laptop. With Galaxy, you can retrieve and analyze performance data and alerts for ultimate control and convenience.

Discover Ultimate Laundry Management
When you equip your laundromat with the combination of Galaxy washer extractors and Galaxy tumble dryers, efficiency and revenue go from unmatched to unbelievable with a completely programmable store. With the ability to quickly and easily program and monitor both sets of machines while also providing an optimum user experience, you can bring your store’s performance – and your bottom line – to all-time highs
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