Nelson and Small Commercial Equipment

Nelson and Small Commerical Equipment is committed to delivering the latest innovations in commercial laundry products for coin-and-card-operated self-service laundries and on-premise laundry operations. If it saves money, conserves energy, cleans better, or provides a better user experience, you’ll find it here.

Nelson and Small Commercial Equipment Company distributes a broad assortment from the leading manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment and accessories throughout New England and northern New York state.

We provide product sales, facility design services, installation, and repair service throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and northern New York.

Our Mission ...

To maintain and further our reputation of superior service throughout the entire Northeast, Nelson and Small is consistently with customers at every step on the journey. When a call is placed, we respond in a timely and effective manner with the nation’s most professional and skilled technicians.

Our goal is to reach a facility in the shortest time possible once a service call is placed. Helping us achieve this goal is Nelson and Small's extensive fleet of over 15 fully-stocked vehicles and laundry technicians. Our fleet is on the roads and highways of New England responding to calls, installing equipment and providing our customers with the tools they need for a smooth and successful operation.

Contributing to our timeliness is the fact that many of Nelson and Small's technicians actually reside in their territories. This results in reduced travel, increases customer savings and improves an already low response time. Overall, timeliness is a factor of dedication, and we, in the Nelson and Small family, are truly dedicated to surpassing our customers’ expectations.