OPL Dryers


Electrolux Professional Line 5000
Designed by experts. Inspired by you.

Electrolux Line 5000 Dryers use 25% less gas and dry 12% faster.

High-performance Electrolux On-Premises Laundry Dryers are the most innovative on the market. Here are some of the unique, incredible features:

  • Compass Pro microprocessor – one knob does it all. Library of 55 programs, 15 custom programs, more than 20 languages, real time clock and more.
  • Auto Stop ensures the dryer stops running when the linens are dry. Saves energy, time, and prevents overdrying and wear-and-tear on linens.
  • RMC (Residual Moisture Control) allows for precise control of remaining moisture in the load. This is best for linens that require a small amount of dampness to further process with pressing equipment.
  • Reversing Cylinder reduces energy consumption and protects against wrinkling and tangling of large linens such as sheets or banquet table clothes.
  • Larger Capacity – Our dryers are 8-12% larger than similar competitive models. This allows for faster drying using less energy as the linens are allowed to expand, providing more surface area to the heated air.
  • Best lint filter in the industry. The operator only needs to open a small, hinged door and pull the filter forward. Swiping their fingers across the lint filter, the task will be completed in seconds. Laundry operators will be thrilled with this new time saving feature.
Electrolux Professional’s 120 volt reversing dryer means that every replacement dryer you install will include reversing without costly expenses from an electrician

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