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Commercial Laundry Equipment

Enhanced energy efficiency and innovative features of LG Commercial Laundry Systems offer superior cleaning performance while using less energy and water to keep your utility bills low and our planet green.

The user-friendly systems and intuitive programs bring convenience and increased safety through improved design.

Installation Flexibility
Single washer, single dryer, stack dryer, stack washer/dryer - you can determine the best products or combination of products to fit your unique commercial laundry equipment needs.

More Style
The streamlined design of the LG Commercial Laundry System is an attractive feature of the product. The elegant and high tech design of the washers and dryers differentiates it from every other brand and makes it more appealing to your customers. The modern design and advanced materials of LG Commercial Laundry Systems will add a touch of elegance and provide the superior clothes cleaning performance your residents demand.
Install Flexability
Vibration Reduction Triple Damper Vibration Reduction
Three dampers are used to absorb vibrations in three dimensions to deliver less vibration and quieter operation. Based on independent testing, LG front-loading washers and dryers are some of the quietest in their class. This quiet design improves resident relations by reducing noise complaints from residents living close to the common area laundry rooms.
Easy Programming
Intuitive programming modes allow operators to choose and change a variety of functions and programs including price, cycle time, cycle parameter, spin speed and more, ensuring all your washing and amenity requirements are met.
Easy Programming

AdaptAble™ Controls
LG Commercial Laundry Systems with movable Adaptable Controls provides the space saving convenience of stackable laundry without compromising capacity and easy to reach controls. The AdaptAble Controls can be placed on the top of the dryer for side-by-side installations, or moved to the bottom for a stack configuration. The control is always at a convenient height and is versatile enough to change as needed.

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