Our mission is to maintain and further our reputation of superior service throughout the entire Northeast. Nelson and Small is consistently working with our customers at every step on the journey. When a call is placed, Nelson and Small responds in a timely and effective manner with the nation’s most professional and skilled technicians.

Our goal is to reach a facility in the shortest time possible once a service call is placed. Helping us achieve this goal is Nelson and Small’s extensive fleet of fully-stocked vehicles and laundry technicians. Our fleet is on the roads and highways of New England responding to calls, installing equipment and providing our customers with the tools they need for a smooth and successful operation.

Contributing to our timeliness is the fact that many of Nelson and Small’s technicians actually reside in their territories. This results in reduced travel, increases customer savings and improves an already low response time. Overall, timeliness is a factor of dedication, and we, in the Nelson and Small family, are truly dedicated to surpassing our customers’ expectations.


What We Provide

  • All of our 15+ service vehicles are fully stocked, enabling us to complete most service calls in a single trip.

  • Our technicians are strategically located throughout New England, which allows them a shorter response time to your facility.

  • Our knowledgeable and friendly staff offers help with all your commercial laundry parts and equipment needs.

  • All of our technicians are factory trained and certified as well as receive ongoing education on all our products.

  • Our technicians are licensed gas fitters.

  • Nelson and Small's technicians go through a rigorous safety training:
    - Hazardous Communications - OSHA Standard 1910.1200
    - Lockout / Tagout - OSHA Standard 1910.147
    - Bloodborne Pathogens - OSHA Standard 1910.151
    - Personal Protective Equipment - OSHA Standard 1910.132-138
    - Back and Hand Safety
    - Defensive Driving .

  • We provide complimentary technical support schools for our customers.

  • Nelson and Small also offers Planned Maintenance Agreements customizable to your needs. Our customized scheduled service agreements allow for regular machine safety checks and adjustments to be planned, keeping your equipment in top working order and avoiding costly repairs that can occur from improper or forgotten scheduled maintenance. Call and ask about the valuable benefit!

  • We offer competitive service rates.

  • We service all makes and models of commercial laudry equipment.

We succeed where others don't!

For more information call us 1-800-341-0780.