Crossover Coin Equipment

Save 179,000+ gallons of water every year!
Simply replace 6 top load washers with 6 Crossover washers. Crossover washers use 60% less water and last 15,000+ cycles, more than double the life of top loader washers.

Built specifically for commercial use, Crossover OPL equipment is the only semi-professional line on the market.

Crossover washers and dryers are perfect for small on-premise laundries in salons, veterinarians and groomers, country clubs, restaurants, doctors’ offices, and for hotel and nursing home guest laundries.

You will appreciate that Crossover washers finish the cycle and use less water. They stay in balance and do not oversuds. Plus at 300 G-force extraction, laundry dries much faster saving you time and reducing energy consumption.

Are you tired of throwing away money on unreliable top load washers and appliance front load washers? It’s time to Crossover:

  • No oversudsing and stays in balance – Crossover washers finish the cycle
  • 300 G-force extraction for fast drying
  • 27″ wide – easy top load washer replacement
  • 22+ lb. capacity
  • Lasts more than double the life of appliance type washers
  • ADA Compliant, CEE Tier 3 compliant, Energy Star rated

Crossover washers and dryers are available metered and non-metered.

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